Vans/Low Loaders

Our vans and Low Loaders come in a wide range of sizes depending on your requirements.

These can range from the smaller type with a 500 Kg to 1000Kg payload or the larger vehicles capable of payloads in excess of 2000Kg.

Vans with tail lift have a large 2000Kg payload or more, you will be surprised what can be carried at low speeds.

The Low Loaders are just that low rear loading height so no need for a tail lift, these can be van style to open frame to carry waste bins all on one vehicle so takes the need for drivers to be skilled in trailer reversing.

All of this range can be custom built to suit your exact requirements.

Call our sales team to find out more.

Low Loader Bin Transporter


This low loading vehicle has an open rear cargo area ( can have roof fitted) primarily for moving waste bins, but capable of moving wheeled cargo,

With a payload of 2000Kg, Low to the ground so does away with a tail lift, With the latest AC Drive system, servo assisted brakes, power steering and cab heater as standard this vehicle can handle all weather conditions, and keeps going when others fail.

Space for drips or small oxygen bottles is ideal for moving people around a hospital site.

AW Vans


These small buggy style vans are based on the traditional buggy but have larger wheels and better suspension systems.

They are also fully road legal, with all round braking system, full lighting system and mechanical park brake.

Rear cargo box can have side roller shutter or twin rear doors, depending on model.

With a nippy speed of up to 25mph will not hold up other road users, this can be programmed lower to suit your site if required.

TTT56 Van/Platform


This small but versatile vehicle can be fitted with various type of body, from mesh cage to a van body for security.

Using the latest AC technology for smooth running, it has power steering to make light work of driving.

LED lights for power saving.

We can custom build the rear body to meet your needs.