Tow Tugs

T60AC 3 Wheel Tow Tug


A more powerful 3 wheel tow tug, with a towing capacity of 6000Kg fitted with the latest AC drive system that gives greater control of speed and other functions.

Strong construction to take the knocks and bumps, a hard working works truck, can be fitted with canvas sides for weather protection when used outdoors.



This small but powerful 3 wheel tow tug gives an impressive towing capacity of 1500kg for its size.

Narrow for internal use, with the AC direct drive system and small battery cell pack this vehicle has the power to last, with regenerative braking and rear wheel disc brakes it gives a safe and smooth ride.

With full lights and onboard charging for a light versatile tow tug.



A 3 wheel low centre of gravity tow tug with a towing capacity of 3000Kg.
A very manoeuvrable tow tug with a tight turning circle for those hard tight bends, fitted with or with lights for internal use or a skeleton cab can be added for external use as well.
The cell pack allows the tug to run for long periods on a single charge, with onboard charging it will plug into any 13a wall socket.



Like the TTT54-3 but the 4 wheel version, with power steering for manoeuvrability, full steel cab for safety and weather protection.

A small cargo back incorporated for small delivers with roof (canvas sides can be added) for some protection.

Full lights for out door use, this tug will keep the operator safe.



Our most popular mid range tow tug with an impressive towing capacity of 7000Kg.

Fitted with the latest AC drive system to give you the control needed in today’s environment.

With power steering, LCD display for speed, battery state of charge and most vehicle functions, also acts as a diagnostics screen.

Full steel cab for strength, safety and weather protection.

Large battery capacity for long run times to make it a true work horse.



The large and powerful tow tug using the latest AC drive system has a massive towing capacity of 12,000Kg.

Fitted with power steering , servo assisted brakes and regenerative braking for power and control.

Full road lighting and large battery capacity this tow tug will out perform most on the market.

Full steel cab for safety and weather protection and many optional extras can be fitted.



Like the standard TTT54-3 this 3 wheel tow tug has a low centre of gravity to keep it stable but offering improved turning for those tight spaces
New AC drive system with heavy duty axle, allowing the slower speeds without losing torque, making it ideal for internal steep slopes without the need for bigger tow tug

Adjustable steering column for drive comfort, smooth take off speeds and motor braking, now fitted with Automaticlly applied Parking Brake