Passenger Vehicles

Our range consists of vehicles capable of carrying from 2 to 14 people, from indoor patient transport models (built to your requirements) to the larger road worthy models that will carry 4 to 14 people in comfort, the range has the traditional canvas side to the ever growing popular hard doors

With the addition of pull out steps to wheel chair ramps the vehicles can be adapted to suit your growing needs to get people from “A” to “B” at a site enforced speed limit safely.

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2 Seat Internal People Mover


A 3 wheel tough people mover, with long running cell pack fitted as standard.

Single driver and space for 1 or 2 people at the rear, with low step height side protection and seat belts , this vehicle will transport those who have difficulty in walking long distances.

Space for drips or small oxygen bottles is ideal for moving people around a hospital site.

4 Seat Internal People Mover


Like the 2 wheel version, this highly maneuverable vehicle offers the same low step height and space for up to 4 people, with side protection so arms are not sticking out and seat belts fitted, is ideal for a busy site to transport those who have difficulty in walking long distances.

14 Seat Shuttle Bus


This 14-seat shuttle bus is ideal for moving large numbers of people in comfort

With its hard doors or even canvas sides will keep them dry in bad weather

Ideal for large resorts, factory tours, or anywhere you need to move large numbers of people

Disabled Shuttle Bus


Like the 8-14 seat version this vehicle is based on the larger 14 seater bus with the removal of a set of seats and configuration of the space to allow a wheel chair bound visitor to be transported around your site in comfort.

With a ramp or powered lift to aid boarding and wheel chair restraints ( removable) this offers the same ride for the a wheel chair bound person without the need to transfer from their chair

4 Seat People Carrier


Need to move people or show them around your site, this 4 seater people mover is more robust than the traditional golf buggy and uses the latest AC drive technology.

Full road suspension to tackle the speed bumps, lights for night use and seat belts.

Now with hard doors or traditional light weight canvas sides

6 Seater


Like the 4 seater we have 2 designs to offer all front facing seats,or front and rear facing both are ideal for the larger site or if more people need to be moved at once.

With the full road suspension will give a smooth ride even over grassed surfaces.

With full lights and seat belts and the flowing style of these vehicles give a new look to people moving away from the old traditional golf buggy’s.